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is an eagle. in one talon the eagle is holding an olive branch. the eagle is looking at the olive branch to show that the united states will always seek peace. the other talon, the eagle is holding arrows to show that the united states understands if you will be effective and successful in seeking peace, you must be strong. let me expand. because it only only peace but a better kind. the elimination of poverty, better lives all over the world for ourselves and other people. the arrows don't just stand for military strength but capability, they stand for the idea that the underwill try to recruit the best and most capable to apply themselves to those grand objectives. as i studied the life of christopher stevens, he embodied that and sought the grand objectives that our dwok si stands for. we gather to mourn his loss and demonstrate to his family how much we understand their grief. we also gather to celebrate the immense accomplishments this man has made for us. i picked out of my closet a tie. says on it democracy is not a spectator sport. christopher stevens was a participant. a full, s
the advantage. remember one thing, that have to beat the eagles, and the players know it. -- they have to beat the eagles. >> it will be a dogfight. philadelphia is always a tough place to play. >> work sanchez lost his starting job to greg mcilroy. -- mark sanchez. he has a new contract of $8.20 million, which guarantees he will be on the roster next year. it is a mess in new york with the jets. let's go to baseball, and the national start to think about spring training. they still have not signed adam laroche. the orioles are showing interest in the first baseman and that would give him a three-year contract. the orioles would have to compensate washington with the first round draft pick, and i don't think that will happen. the wizards have the worst record in the nba. they lost 17 of their last 18 games against the hawks. today they hired a new head coach and general manager. he spent the last 10 years as head coach of the connecticut sorensen has more wins than any coach in the league. the mystics have won only 11 of their 66 games the last two years. it seems to be a step in the right dir
with but rg3 is getting all attention. be ready for the eagles philadelphia? the very latest coming quite a day for redskins.gton announced the playoff go on sale right christmas. shanahan's redskins are in of the east while rg3 another hard rehab session. he's the most talked about in league. is blowing up his knee and will he be for the eagles sunday. shanahan wants to keep guessing.ia to play robert he's 100% and the doctors no chance for ray and we can perform to out injury we're going starter decwhrfment e cowboys and are they beat the cowboys dallas. skins went out and they'll nfc title. irst a lot of character guys going the direction. competing every play. each other. in believe we'll win. mind set. to be your to that o back because it's got problems. suspended four games testing positive performance enhancing drugs. suffered l montgomery knee injury. ravens continue to struggle. straight and hree secured a playoff spot been in erback joe has tank. rating is a season w 86 and this evening john s asked if he's pressing? i hope we're all pressing we can do erything get a little be
...even 3 the "eagle gun range" ... guus.in the ake of the newtown tragedy... mann people are pushing for ore gun control...but dvocaaes say.. 3 bbhind the un.... not the weapon itself. 3 "we opened the rrnge is to pducaae children to train them pn the correcc way to use them --3 pnd ii an be a fun sport, ii &&pdoesn't have tt be a dangerous sport." while both sidee of the issue dissgree on what needs to bee - done...it seems they both agree... thattsomething needs 3 children aaen't harmed. the world's oldess woman... &&phaa died. dded.dina manfredini passed awaaymooday in iowa... at the age of 115.she waa born on april 4thh 18-97... nd came tt des moinnssfrom italy inn 19920. manfredini held the title from gginness world records for just a few weeks... when the previius record-holdee passed away at the age of 116. 3&p a nationwide competition for a 0 ttousand dollar grant is doww to the last twoodays. and tte mount washington 3 of 22 hundred entries. entties. that's impressive, but only the top spot, gets - the mmney... so joel d. smith is iv
is winning over fans from top to bottom. >> they are preparing for their game against the eagles' next sunday. a few players took a break this morning to help some children in need. >> the redskins locker room was transformed into santa's toy shop. jummy olabanji has more from fedex field. >> fedex field is santos workshop. the washington redskins to charitable foundation hosted its annual toy giveaway and the kids were ecstatic. what do you think about the redskins giving you guys pickegifts? >> i like it. >> which one will you'll shoes? >> i don't know yet. >> the the redskins partnered with the marines toys for tots program this year. >> to be able to help parents and families to need a little extra help this year. >> i'm excited. >> this redskins player helped the kids. >> growing up, i never had a chance to meet a professional athlete. it's important to show them who we are as people and not just football players. >> each child will go home with a new toy. the redskins hope they will leave with memories to last a lifetime. doug's best memory is his father dressing up as santa claus. >>
clench the play-offs this weekend if they beat the eagles. they need the giants, bears, and vikings. and congrats to the skins star for winning the 2012 courage award. he battled back after a season- ending knee injury last year and a critical part of the line. he finished the sunday's game in place of the injured will montgomery who suffered a sprained mcl and suffering a concussion. back up, jordan black was suspended four games by the league for positive performance- enhancing drug tests and mike shanahan said if montgomery can't go this week, they have options. >> we know corey can play the center position. chris chester can play the center position. larvius and getis can play the center position. when you play the guard position, do you switch off at center, at some point better than others. when you have that, you try to have them have a responsibility. when you dress that for a game, that guy that plays guard has to play center if someone goes down or moves in that position and you try to change them up all of the time and if there is a problem, you can adjust to it. >> last
heat.... and cauuing cootroversy. -3 connrrversy.at he "eagle gun range""in texas ... children pose for pictures wwthhsanta ... while holddng firearms. the idea.... especialll in the wake of the ewtown tragedy... &pbut he gun ranne owwers say educatiin is key when it comms child. the raii cleared ut his morning ....and it urned into a pretty niceeday..let checkk back with chief meteorologistt pytas. 3 & the ravens can win the fc nortt championship this wwekend,,ven if they don't win...bruce cunniigham exxllins whh ext in ssorts -3 ...so as you can see, geico's customer satisfaction is at 97%. mmmm tasty. and cut! very good. people are always asking me how we make these geico adverts. so we're taking you behind the scenes. this coffee cup, for example is computer animated. it's not real. geico's customer satisfaction is quite real though. this computer-animated coffee tastes dreadful. geico. 15 minutes could save you 15 % or more on car insurance. someone get me a latte will ya please? hey, look! a shooting star! make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever.
controversy...y supplying a gun- toting san claus, to pose for photos wh kids. the owners of "eagle gun ra in lewisville say the don't advocate violence. they have numerous gu >>> a texas gun range is supplying a gun-toting santa claus to pose for photos with kids. the owner of eagle gun range in louisville says they don't advocate violence. they have numerous gun safety classes. >> this is one of the reasons we opened the range is to educate children to train them in the correct way to use them. and it can be a fun sport. it doesn't have to be a dangerous sport. >> critics say this holiday promotion is sending the wrong message. >>> the easy bake oven now is not just for girls any more. toymaker hasbro revealed a black, silver and blue prototime. the new style was shown to 13- year-old mckenna pope. she got over 40,000 signatures asking the toy to be made gender-neutral. hasbro executive invited her to hear her thoughts on the new design and she says she's happy with the outcome. >>> and 49ers new quarterback colin kaepernick predicted his future precisely back in the fourth grade. >> tak
against the eagles on philadelphia. he was upset when the skins clevelandd him in after doctors and trainers worked him out and tested his knee before the game. was quick. listen to mike shanahan. >> he will be adulterated day- by-day. lot of treatment. he looks good, as i think a lot saw him before the game. is an improvement today. hopefully, it's not wrong when him.octors ok >> i think it's clear if the doctors to give their ok, he will play. the second-ranked passer in nfl, one of the most dangerous and exciting runners. while the redskins don't want to future, theis the nfc have not won east since 1999, so the future is now. have a great day. >> it's 5:27, 49 degrees. if we have a lot more news at 5:30. to fall breaking stories in maryland, including a home [ singing christmas carols in background ] aunt sally's singing again. it's a tradition, honey. [ singing christmas carols ] mmmm. [ female announcer ] make new traditions with pillsbury grands! cinnamon rolls. [ female announcer ] holiday cookies are a big job. everything has to be just right. perfection is in the detai
, and now lawsuit's filing. michigan union fighting a new crackdown. a legal eagle saying they will still get shut down. ♪ the boys use capital one venture miles for their annual football trip. that's double miles u can actually use. tragically, their ddy got sacked by blackouts. but it's our tradition! that's roughing the card holder. t with the capital one venture card you get double miles you can actually use. [ cheering ] any flight, anytime. the oreboard doesn't lie. what's in urallet? hut! i have me on my fantasy team. ♪ neil: well, signed to a sealed, but still not delivered. days after michigan's governor sign that right to work bill, different groups already filing lawsuits to block it. lots more are expected. the folks trying to block the law to have a case. they disagree. explain to me why they might have a case. >> to very important reasons. first, there is a due process issue about how this came into place. there was no notice. they actually closed down the state house. it was done in secret. whenever something is done in secret, people have something to hide, something t
more week and rest rg iii another week as you get ready for the eagles. here what is the head coach had to say about it. >> we're going to play robert when he is 100%. when that ligament is fine and the doctors feel that there is no chance for injury, that he can go out there and perform at the level in a game situation without injury, we're going to go with our starter. >> there is some wiggle room there when you listen because that means the doctor has to clear him and it doesn't matter how good he looks in practice, doesn't matter how badly rg iii wants to get back out there in the field so we'll find that out as the week progresses. but you know how this works. >> this is some tricky area here. >> you can say hold him back one more week and get cousins out there. i can't see a scenario where he with not be ready for dallas in a week and a half from now or whatever it is. but certainly, there could be a gray area come sunday against philadelphia. you don't want him to come out there and be rusty. >> i don't worry about rust with that kid. >> this is the knee we're talking about. >> c
the eagles. the giants, bears and vicings, if they all lose, they go down, if not, it comes to the skins and cowboys december 30th and the simple fact we're talking play-offs is remarkable and given this is one month ago and talk of evaluating for the future, of course. and credit mike shanahan and his debt and espn's power rankings have the time team 8th -- 8th in the nfl. and he said he knew the turnaround would take some time. >> i understand we're going to struggle the first couple of years and we didn't have a football team and that is getting them on the right football team and one of the reasons i i told our team, obviously, that is they believe in each other and that has to be your mind set and once you start winning the close games, you expect it. >> and starting to get into the potential. if the season ended today, they would be a four-seed opening up at home against the seahawks, better than being a five-seed and opening up in seattle and -- . >> it's been a long time, right? >> and that is the last time they won five in a row. >> maybe that is something, i sign of what is to
of sunday's game against the eagles. even without playing, the rookie quarterback is still setting records. get this. rg3's number 10 jersey is the top selling jersey for a single season. that since the league started keeping track of sales six years ago. it breaks the previous record set by brett favre when he started playing for the vikings in 2009. not surprised. >> pretty cool stuff, too. >>> our time right now is 5:27. coming up, new calls for a change in the gun control laws in the u.s. we have a live report from capitol hill. >>> and new progress between the white house and house speaker john boehner as they negotiate to avoid the fiscal cliff. >>> a few sprinkles moving through the area. tom has your forecast in weather and traffic on the 1s. >>> breaking news in prince george's county. dozens of people out of their apartment, evacuated from their homes. right now police are in a standoff with an armed man in the 1800 block of greenwichwood drive in adelphi. u.s. marshals arrived around 10:00 last night to arrest a suspect who lives there. there was an altercation and now that arme
against the eagles. even all the sidelines agree, he's breaking records. the number 10 jersey is the top selling jersey for a single season. since the league started keeping track of sales six years ago, it breaks the previous record set by brett favre when he started playing for the vikings in 2009. >>> your holiday travels will cost less as gas prices are at theirs he's point of the entire. the national average about $3.25 a gallon. it's dropped every day this month. prices have fallen as much as 16% since september. some are paying less than $3. missouri drivers paying $2.95 on average. the lowest in the entire country. and the first time since july the average price in any state dropped below $3. >>> there is a new movement sweeping social media to help the healing following the tragedy at sandy hook. it's called 26 acts. it was the idea of nbc's own ann curry. the goal, to get people to do 26 acts of random kindness in memory of the 20 children and 6 adults killed. people worldwide are buying dinner for strangers, donating money to teachers' funds. one woman is making hats for 26 ne
the eagles. >> tell us about that stinger, zo because we know it is something that i guess i don't know what that pain feels like. can you tell us what happened on the play? >> yeah. well, i was going to drop back in zone coverage. saw somebody come across and went up to had the him pretty good. it's stretching of the neck and shoulders actually lot of stress on the nerves, c-4, c-5. it was pretty excruciating. probably the worst thing of a ever had. they are doing a good job of getting me back healthy. >> now, the case during this winning streak. you guys seem to come up with big plays now. rob jackson, you mentioned him last week. he steps in again and get a big critical interception when you're down 14-10. talk about this defense starting to make plays. critical plays to win games. >> yeah, i think it is just a good job of guys going at half time from coach to player, making the adjust and rob jackson really getting his opportunity to play a lot after brian went down and he is taking advantage of. it the guy is playing lights out and i think he is going to continue to get better. it has b
eagle saying neil: well, signed to a sealed, but still not delivered. days after michigan's governor sign that right to work bill, different groups already filing lawsuits to block it. lots more are expected. the folk trying to block the law to have a case. they disagree. explain to me why they might have a case. >> to very important reasons. first, there s a due process issue about how this came int place. there was no notice. they actually closed down the state house. it was done in secret. whenever something is done in secr, people have something to hide, something that they are ashamed of. neil: like the health care law. >> you think? and that's correct. the public did not have an opportunity to weigh in, criticize command their opinion, which is what this country is based on. this is a huge reach to somehow argued that allowing in more protesters and citizens to yell at the legislators would have changed the outcome, i think it is preposterous. if that was the cases should be running and yelling in my legislators because there are a lot of laws i want changed. >> as an american
that drug companies negotiate the prices they charge. as the eagle-eyed glenn greenwald, wrote in the guardian last week, "the bill's mandate that everyone purchase the products of the private health insurance industry w a huge gift to that industr" anliz fowler? the ite house oughher over fr coness to oveee the new law's implementation -- first at the department of health and human services, and then as special assistant to the president for healthcare and economic policy. and now, it's through the revolving door once more. christmas has come a little early for the peripatetic ms. fowler, as she leaves the white house for the pharmaceutical giant johnson and johnson. glenn greenwald writes, ms. fowler "will receive ample rewards from that same industry as she peddles her influence in government and exploits her experience with its inner workings to work on that industry's behalf, all of which," glenn greenwald says, "has been made perfectly legal by the same insular, versailles-like washington culture that so lavishly benefits from l of this. now, friends of liz fowler will sa
this right we beat the eagles. ravens beat the cowboys. and we are -- it is -- we are -- that's it? we are in? i mean, it is done, right? >> if -- if -- >> if and if. >> there are a couple of ifs. >> let me give you this. you win the next two, you take care of business and you have a home playoff game. that easy. >> even better. >> we like it similar. >> many there are a couple of formulas for this. it could be very simple. five weeks the redskins have gone from the outhouse to the pen house, playoff berth gone from pipe dream to reality. all the skins have to do to just guarantee their first home playoff game since 1999, it is simple. win their last two games start thing weekend in philly. mike shanahan, as you know, faced a steady stream of outside criticism since his arrival in washington. but now he has his players believing that they can beat just about anybody. >> one of the reasons i told the football team at the beginning of the year that you guys don't know it but you are a lot better than you think you are. and they have -- obviously proving that now. we lost a number of games we sh
violence ptself." the owners oo eagle gun rangeesayythe doo't numerous gun safety classes..e "this is one of the reasons we chhldren to train thee ii thh can be a fuu porr, it doesn't have to be a dangerous sport." problem is the person behind itseef. "ii people want to use a baseball batt" "the is for hitting a baseball, a gun is forrkilling people." while the two sidessdiffer of what needs to be done... both sayythey are united in pain in conneccicct and both beeieve something as ttobe doneeso nn more innocent children die in schools. coming p... coming up... 3&pcoming up... preearing ffr the end of the people are stocking up on... - fox 45 morning nees.. ll ((break 4)) [ woman #1 ] i can't believe it's finally here! [ woman #2 ] it's the real deal! [ man #1 ] turn it around! turn it around! [ woman #1 ] over here! over here! [ woman #2 ] turn around! turn around! [ woman #1 ] i love you! i can't believe it's not butter! neither can i. turn the tub around! show us the back! [ man #1 ] turn the tub around! [ female announcer ] with zero grams of trans fat per serving, i can't belie
admired the pin that i have on today. it is an eagle that many of the women in the senate wear. theretherewe have a little -- wa little collection. this one is from the smithsonian. he said i love it. it's so pretty. i'm going to get one for my wife. well, i don't know if senator inouye ever got it for his wife, irene. but i say to my colleagues today, at an appropriate time, in behalf of the women of the united states senate, i will present this pin to mrs. inouye in honor of her husband. our gift to her because he gave so many gifts to us. he was a lion in the senate, a real american hero. though gentle in style, he was a fierce warrior when it came to fighting for his nation or standing up for hawaii. when he received his medal of honor, he was rising to the call of the sirens at pearl harbor, volunteering to serve his country, putting aside his own dreams to be a physician. but he went on to be a healer of many wounds. he was decorated in world war ii for saving his fellow soldiers. my experience with senator inouye as a friend was that he was a devoted, dedicated public s
. and i know jay was not a boy scout but as someone who is an eagle scout, i know that we're taught that the ultimate in life is to be trustworthy. i don't know of anybody on capitol hill that is more trustworthy than jay pearson. loyal, loyal and yet courteous, kind. jay pearson has been a true friend and to have somebody who knows what goes on, knows the rules, we can disagree about the rules but i can come to him and know i have the institutional memory right there with me. that has been such a huge help. and just knowing when i did need information i could call jay, and i would have whatever i needed. so, jay, i know that you're going to be better off without us, but we're certainly not going to be better off without jay pearson. i also know that nobody serves in congress without loved ones missing and suffering because of an absence of time with them. so we know, it's kind of like when i was in the military, my wife knew well that it's not just one person who serves. so as jay pearson served all these years, in congress, there's no question his wife served as well, we'll be for
was an eagle scout, graduated from harvard college, stanford law school, where he met his future wife, ann. while at stanford, he worked in senator robert f. kennedy's campaign for president. at the age of 35, he was elected new mexico attorney general in 1978. and four years later at the age of 39, elected to the united states senate. during his three decades in this body, jeff bingaman has been a classic workhorse senator as opposed to being a show horse senator. he is truly remarkable and distinctive among senators for his willingness to shun the limelight and share the credit in order to get important things done for his state and for this country. senator bingaman has been a much valued colleague of mine on the health, education, labor and pensions committee, but he has really made his mark in the senate a lasting mark in his role as chair of the energy and natural resources committee. as chair and also at times ranking member of that committee, he has played a leading role in shaping energy policy for our nation, authoring bipartisan legislation promoting a balanced energy portfolio
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